Early Thoughts on the Archives

…and now for something completely different. After last week’s performance workshops, this post moves us from the rehearsal space back to the library; I have been revisiting archival documents associated with the rise of the commercial playhouses and getting a clearer sense of the context that surrounds extant references, restrictions, and correspondence about playing. The … Continue reading Early Thoughts on the Archives

Galatea Workshops: Stephen Purcell’s Response

On Thursday, we welcomed among the visitors to the room Stephen Purcell, an academic, director, and practitioner.  Here are his thoughts on the morning: *** The group was three days into its week-long exploration of Lyly's Galatea when I attended its Thursday morning session. It was, I understand, the first session dedicated to the play's … Continue reading Galatea Workshops: Stephen Purcell’s Response

Galatea Workshops 4: Songs, Nymphs, and Boys

The room this week has been filled with the sound of music, in large part from the guitar of Victoria Abbott (@vittyabbott).  Vicky has set the play's two songs to music and has been taking the group through a range of vocal exercises and teaching us the songs, with harmonies (all while fresh from writing them--the songs were still … Continue reading Galatea Workshops 4: Songs, Nymphs, and Boys

Galatea Workshops 3: Interviewing Angela and Selina

Today, we had the chance to talk to Angela Clerkin and Selina Thompson about their experiences in the workshop over the first two and a half days: How are you finding the workshops so far? ST: Alex is making me dance today; I’ll never forgive her… No, it’s been really great; I’ve really enjoyed the week... … Continue reading Galatea Workshops 3: Interviewing Angela and Selina

Galatea Workshops: Where are we?

This week, Emma Frankland is exploring John Lyly's Galatea (1585?) at the Jerwood Space with a collection of performers, actors, and makers, looking in particular at its representations of non-normative sexuality and concluding investment in transgender identity exploration.  Throughout the week, a handful of academic visitors are dropping in to observe or participate.  The workshops are also working between deaf … Continue reading Galatea Workshops: Where are we?