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Beginning Before Shakespeare: First Post

Putting the Shh into Shakespeare

The Story So Far: First Advisory Board

Birthday Post: A Year of Before Shakespeare

The Summer of Love (and Fortune): Our Upcoming Events…

A slice of Christmas (b)log [end-of-year recap 2017]

Christmas, Newyeares tyde: A summary of works done and attendance given, 2018 [full project recap]

Box Office Bears: a new research project on animal baiting


Earthquakes at the Curtain playhouse

An Elizabethan Haunting: Antitheatricality and Playgoing

“What is a house?”

News from the North

Early Thoughts on the Archives

“Specially youthe”: Regulating London “Venues”

The Before Shakespeare Guide to the Elizabethan East End

“Rent must be paid, duties dischargd”: A Note on Elizabethan Landlords

Post from the Past 1: Spying the Playhouses

Post from the Past 2: A Week in the Life of William Fleetwood

Genre and the Elizabethan Troupe

Nashe’s Attributions

Two City Stories: Mawdlen Gawen and Mrs Moodey

The Man with the Golden Pen

High and Dry at Newington Butts: The Genesis of the Permanent Playhouse

Lawsuits and Leases at Newington Butts Playhouse

Putting the might into Marlowe’s (and Nashe’s) mighty line

Venus’s Palaces

Audiences, Immigration, and Belonging: Strangers in Finsbury

Audiences, Immigration, and Belonging in Elizabethan theatres: putting the archive into performance

Banishment as romance convention in Early English Drama (c.1581-91)

The First Blackfriars Playhouse (1576-84): Ownership, Repertoire, Audience

Performing words: introduction to a new thread on theatre and language

Performing words #1: what is an actor?

Performing words #2: No room in the inns?

Performing words #3: thus and thus

Performing words #4: gender

Performing words #5: story

Performing words #6: matter

Performing words #7: permanent

Performing words #8: playhouse

Losing the Plot: Audiences, Scraps of Performance, and Selective Participation

The Curtain Rises: Diverse Histories at the Curtain Playhouse

The Curtain Rises: Post Match Report

The Before Shakespeare Guide to [The] Theatre Etiquette

Before Shakespeare at The National Archives

Resurrecting All Hallows and Reanimating Henry Walton

Repertory and Reputation at the Curtain


Shakespeare: A knack for following theatrical fashion

Furry Shakespeare

Announcing the launch of REED Online

Generic excitement

Let me speak to you about my huge words

Shakespeare in Scraps: Halliwell-Phillipps and Theatre History

‘barren of all interpretative comment’

Go dare; or, how scholarship lost the plot

Relearning how to learn: potential ideas for scholarly debate

Attribution, agencies, and investigation

Did Oxford write Shakespeare?

Authorship studies: where have we got to, and where are we going?

Galatea, BritGrad and diverse alarums

Engendering Before Shakespeare: Women and Early English Playhouse Ownership

A Bit Lit: A new forum for scholarship and creativity

The possible discovery of the Red Lion, London’s first Elizabethan playhouse


Before Shakespeare in Performance

The Three Ladies of London and Red Lion workshop, 22 January 2017

Before Conference: (and The Woman in the Moon)

The Woman in the Moon onstage

The Woman in the Moon: Interviews with the Cast

“Fly me to the moon!” (Guest post by Perry Mills, Edward’s Boys)

The First Blackfriars: A Workshop Reflection

“I do fear the people”: theatre and the problem with audiences

Women in the Moons

The Woman in the Moon: In Conversation with Edward’s Boys

The Curtain Rises: Post Match Report

Rattling Bloody Facts; or, why Tamburlaine would make a rubbish boyfriend

Tudor Drama in Modern Performance (Guest post by Emma Whipday and Jessica Winston)

Ruff Play with Shakespeare: combat, gender, and entertainment

Ruff Play with Shakespeare: Postponed

Ruff Play with Shakespeare: a new video series


Before Conference: (and The Woman in the Moon)

Panel: Theatre History 1: Texts and Places

Panel: Theatre History 2: Geographies and People

Panel: Circulating Stories

Panel: Theatre History 3: Metre and Repertory

Panel: Marlowe

Response: After Before Shakespeare by Eoin Price

Response: Of God and Jonson: writing about new things and non-events by Mathew Lyons

Response: Reflections on the Before Shakespeare conference by Stephen Purcell

In the Company of Edward’s Boys: Nashe’s Summer’s Last Will and Testament (guest post from Perry Mills)


Galatea Workshops

Where are We?

Deities in BSL

Interviewing Angela and Selina

Songs, Nymphs, and Boys

Interview with Becky and Krishna

Interview with Antonia and Steve

Stephen Purcell’s Response

Let us into the grove

Response: Hester Bradley

keywords for collaboration

Getting Mortal in St Austell: Galatea in Cornwall 1

Finding Gods in Truro: Galatea in Cornwall 2

The Sound of Lyly: Galatea Interview

Galatea, BritGrad and diverse alarums

Galatea 101: Performing John Lyly in the 21st Century