Let me speak to you about my huge words

This is the third of three blogs on attribution. For more, see Shakespeare, attribution and attrition: at tribute zone and Nashe’s attributions. I'm aware that I'm becoming an extremely inferior version of George Lucas, writing an unwanted trilogy of posts about attribution which aren't even the retrospective prequels to something a little better I'd written … Continue reading Let me speak to you about my huge words

The Summer of Love (and Fortune): Our Upcoming Events…

We're pleased to say we have a very busy summer before us.  Ahead of our first Read Not Dead this Sunday, we outline here some of our major upcoming activities (you can keep up to date on these by visiting our "Events" page; if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in contact on beforeshakespeare@gmail.com). We're presenting … Continue reading The Summer of Love (and Fortune): Our Upcoming Events…

Birthday Post: A Year of Before Shakespeare

We launched our website last year, on the date of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, with an introduction to the project and something of a provocation in Andy’s post about putting the Shhhh into Shakespeare.... The comments that followed have been matched by recent posts that have engendered debate and discussion amongst readers, including the creation by … Continue reading Birthday Post: A Year of Before Shakespeare

Shakespeare, attribution and attrition: at tribute zone

This is the first of three pieces on attribution. See Nashe's attributions and Let me speak to you about my huge words for more. At the 2017 Shakespeare Association of America, Marissa Nicosia and Curtis Perry ran a session on Shakespearean Distortions, asking what is lost from our understanding of the early modern period by Shakespeare's … Continue reading Shakespeare, attribution and attrition: at tribute zone

News from the North

This month, in the wake of the Brexit vote, Adrian Chiles travelled around the country to speak to those—particularly those at one remove from London—who voted Leave. Whatever one’s political leanings and whatever one made of the Panorama programme itself, Chiles sought to bring “News from the Midlands,” representing the views of those underrepresented, infuriated with … Continue reading News from the North

Galatea Workshops

We invite scholars to participate in exploring John Lyly’s Galatea at the Jerwood Space this August. The award-winning theatre maker Emma Frankland and Andy Kesson will be working with a company of performers, exploring the play’s representations of non-normative sexuality and its concluding investment in transgender identity. We are grateful to Shakespeare Bulletin, the University of Roehampton and the Before Shakespeare project … Continue reading Galatea Workshops

“What is a house?”

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend the Before Shakespeare project’s first Advisory Board meeting. The above question, posed by Dr Andy Kesson, provides a good example of the project’s opening strategy. The board was keen to interrogate long-accepted terminology from the early modern studies toolbox, sometimes with disorientating effects (on this observer, at least) … Continue reading “What is a house?”