Christmas Quiz 2018

Click the link below to take our Christmas Quiz 2018 (AKA The 9 Days of Before Shakespeare, with Queen Elizabeth singing you all a Christmas song…): HERE–Christmas-Quiz-v-2018-quizzes?frame=trueQuiz created by Before Shakespeare with GoConqr

You can also read our yearly summary post HERE.

Here’s last year’s quiz:–17-quizzes?frame=trueQuiz created by Before Shakespeare with GoConqr


If this counts as an “Easter egg,” being at the bottom of the page, here’s 2018’s full lyric:

On the first day of Christmas, my nobles’ troupes beguiled me

On the second day of Christmas, my astrologer flirted futilely

On the third day of Christmas, my yeoman acted slyly

On the fourth day of Christmas, inevitably some Lyly

On the fifth day of Christmas, my clown joked very drily

On the sixth day of Christmas, who threw shade on Marley?

On the seventh day of Christmas, those who acted far too noisy

On the eighth day of Christmas, one who had no life of Riley

And a human in a stage tree…