Birthday Post: A Year of Before Shakespeare

We launched our website last year, on the date of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, with an introduction to the project and something of a provocation in Andy’s post about putting the Shhhh into Shakespeare.... The comments that followed have been matched by recent posts that have engendered debate and discussion amongst readers, including the creation by … Continue reading Birthday Post: A Year of Before Shakespeare

Galatea Workshop Response: Hester Bradley

We are very pleased to host Hester Bradley's response to the Galatea workshops hosted at the Jerwood Space in August this year. Hester is a PhD student at Oxford Brookes, whose work explores what representations of the moon by John Lyly and William Shakespeare can reveal about contemporary ideas of female identity and personhood. *** I attended … Continue reading Galatea Workshop Response: Hester Bradley

Galatea Workshops: Stephen Purcell’s Response

On Thursday, we welcomed among the visitors to the room Stephen Purcell, an academic, director, and practitioner.  Here are his thoughts on the morning: *** The group was three days into its week-long exploration of Lyly's Galatea when I attended its Thursday morning session. It was, I understand, the first session dedicated to the play's … Continue reading Galatea Workshops: Stephen Purcell’s Response

Galatea Workshops 4: Songs, Nymphs, and Boys

The room this week has been filled with the sound of music, in large part from the guitar of Victoria Abbott (@vittyabbott).  Vicky has set the play's two songs to music and has been taking the group through a range of vocal exercises and teaching us the songs, with harmonies (all while fresh from writing them--the songs were still … Continue reading Galatea Workshops 4: Songs, Nymphs, and Boys

Galatea Workshops 3: Interviewing Angela and Selina

Today, we had the chance to talk to Angela Clerkin and Selina Thompson about their experiences in the workshop over the first two and a half days: How are you finding the workshops so far? ST: Alex is making me dance today; I’ll never forgive her… No, it’s been really great; I’ve really enjoyed the week... … Continue reading Galatea Workshops 3: Interviewing Angela and Selina