Before Shakespeare

We have just announced details of our 2017 conference here.

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Before Shakespeare: The Beginnings of the London Commercial Theatre is the first major project to ask how and why public playhouses came to open in London, taking seriously the often repeated but rarely interrogated claim that the playhouses that opened in the second half of the sixteenth century were the first purpose-built public spaces for performance in Europe since the Roman Empire.

Before Shakespeare is interested in a two-way conversation between archival research and performance workshops exploring the plays of this early period.  We will also take advantage of the archaeological remains of the original playhouses, which have been discovered in the last thirty years.

For more detailed information on the project, see the About page.

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Graphic (des. Myriddin Wannell) promoting the upcoming production of John Lyly’s Galatea produced and directed by Emma Frankland (@elbfrankland); this summer will see a series of workshops surrounding the play in preparation for rehearsal and performances in 2017.