Galatea 101 #1: Emma Frankland and Andy Kesson

This week and next, Galatea is back on its feet once more! Now heading towards a production in collaboration with Wildworks, director and theatremaker Emma Frankland has gathered theatremakers at the 101 Outdoor Creation Space (made possible thanks to their seed funding). In this A Bit Lit feature video, the first of a series of … Continue reading Galatea 101 #1: Emma Frankland and Andy Kesson

CONFERENCE Panel: Circulating Stories

by Callan Davies Our fourth panel had a wonderful coherence to it, with all four papers complementing each other in fascinating and provocative ways. First up were two papers on the underappreciated and underdiscussed William Painter and his "play-fodder" (as it has sometimes been dismissed),┬áThe Palace of Pleasure (first printed 1566) from Mark Houlahan and … Continue reading CONFERENCE Panel: Circulating Stories