Galatea 101 #1: Emma Frankland and Andy Kesson

This week and next, Galatea is back on its feet once more! Now heading towards a production in collaboration with Wildworks, director and theatremaker Emma Frankland has gathered theatremakers at the 101 Outdoor Creation Space (made possible thanks to their seed funding). In this A Bit Lit feature video, the first of a series of … Continue reading Galatea 101 #1: Emma Frankland and Andy Kesson

Galatea Workshops: Stephen Purcell’s Response

On Thursday, we welcomed among the visitors to the room Stephen Purcell, an academic, director, and practitioner. ¬†Here are his thoughts on the morning: *** The group was three days into its week-long exploration of Lyly's Galatea when I attended its Thursday morning session. It was, I understand, the first session dedicated to the play's … Continue reading Galatea Workshops: Stephen Purcell’s Response