Galatea Workshops 3: Interviewing Angela and Selina

Today, we had the chance to talk to Angela Clerkin and Selina Thompson about their experiences in the workshop over the first two and a half days:

How are you finding the workshops so far?

ST: Alex is making me dance today; I’ll never forgive her… No, it’s been really great; I’ve really enjoyed the week… It’s like… it’s super tiring, I’ve got to be honest. But in that really wonderful, when you’re here, you’re here…

AC: It’s firing on all cylinders, all of the time. Because we’ve been creating characters from dressing up; but not just putting on clothes. You’re sort of trying to find the essence of different characters. So each time we do a task, we sort of have to put in 100%. And it’s fantastic, but there’s lots of different tasks during the day. So we are… every little break we have, we have a little down time.

[This is where I apologise for interrupting Angela’s and Selina’s break…]

Has anything surprised you in the last two days?

ST: I think I was quite surprised by how quickly we were on our feet and doing stuff, actually… And maybe this is what happens when you’re working with a script rather than devising, which is what I normally do—I guess it gives you an immediate way in. Also, by how much singing and dancing we’ve done… Even though I moaned, that was a really nice surprise. And how it feels like school—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

AC: For me it doesn’t necessarily feel like school, thank God! I think for me it’s been the communication—both within the text and… There’s lots of miscommunications or people having very set ways of communicating that don’t necessarily reach other people. And in the room itself we’re working with some deaf actors and some hearing actors, and the communication is really interesting—I’ve been finding that has made a change in the way we’re working, and the way I’m used to working, in that it takes more time but it leaves more space and more gaps for other things to come in. So I suppose the thing that’s surprised me is how many levels of communication there are within the play, and then how many we’re dealing with within the room.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?

ST: I’m looking forward to spending some time on Hebe, because she’s such an interesting character. So I’m really looking forward to getting some time to think about the politics of what happens to her in the story. I think that whole story’s so interesting. So really looking forward to unpicking that…

AC: I didn’t get a clear enough sense yet of what she’s [Hebe] about, or of what the options are of what she’s about. So to me that feels like quite a hot place, because we’ve not really touched it yet. And we’ve talked a little bit about sacrifice for the greater good, and what do we feel about that. There’s this sense of, how do we communicate that in today’s world? And I feel that in some way Hebe holds that story—whatever decisions we make… There’s lots to be found out in there.


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